Esl one cologne

esl one cologne

Die ESL One Cologne ist sowohl das dritte CS:GO Event der ESL in , als auch das fünfte offizielle CS:GO Valve Major für das Unternehmen. Eventbrite - ESL presents ESL One Cologne - Friday, 6 July | Sunday, 8 July at LANXESS arena, Köln, NRW. Find event and ticket information. 9. Juli Die deutsche Organisation BIG kämpfte sich wider Erwarten bis ins Finale der ESL One Cologne und sorgte trotz dortiger Niederlage für eine.

Group D [ edit ] Group D August 14, - Titan -4 3p 4. Vox Eminor 0p. August 16, - Ninjas in Pyjamas 2. August 17, - Retrieved from " https: Pages with TeamCard using notes parameter.

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NiP Wolf August 14, - Epsilon HR August 14, - HR Wolf August 14, - NiP Epsilon August 15, - HR NiP August 15, - LC CW August 14, - VP dAT August 14, - Fnatic iBP August 14, - VP Fnatic August 15, - Dignitas VOX August 14, - Titan C9 August 14, - VOX Titan August 14, - As mousesports headed out to the A bombsite, nex took down markeloff and chrisJ killed DavCost on the A bombsite.

B1ad3 tried to spray with his submachine gun, but the FlipSid3 captain could only tack on some damage and no kills.

WorldEdit won a crucial duel against chrisJ, but was traded out by nex and bondik was already spotted by Spiidi.

However, Spiidi was left on 14 health points and nex on 5 and bondik was still full at The last playoff spot would go to the winner of this game.

The game started with LG taking a huge lead, but FlipSid3 made adjustments and took the last four rounds to make it close at FlipSid3 continued to ride momentum as it went on a run to get to match point first at In the 28th round, B1ad3 smoked off the long A area, but an aggressive coldzera jumped right through and won the duel against the FlipSid3 in-game leader.

DavCost hit a quick flick onto boltz after LG waited some time. LG eventually completed the comeback in regulation. The two teams traded three rounds each and the game headed to double overtime.

The second overtime was a different story as LG took four rounds straight and the Brazilians kept its Legends status. The two in-game leaders topped the scoreboard as B1ad3 had 41 kills and FalleN took down FlipSid3 was eliminated and LG moved on to the playoffs.

Natus Vincere had to fight its way past Titan in overtime but was dominated by Fnatic. However, it was able to reach the playoffs but barely pulled out a win against Counter Logic Gaming in the second phase of the group stages.

After EnVyUs took the fourth round, the French were in danger of having their economy reset. NBK- then went aggressive with the bomb and tried to duel out seized, but seized won the duel.

More heroics from seized lead to the deaths of kioShiMa and apEX at nearly identical times. EnVyUs bought up again with what limited money it had and then came one of the most memorable rounds in CS: With about thirty seconds gone from the clock, EnVyUs started pushing towards the A bombsite.

GuardiaN took out kioShiMa. Edward tried to get a second kill, apEX took him down with his pistol. GuardiaN then charged to the site to defuse the bomb while kennyS had his pistol out to kill him.

After a brief struggle, kennyS pulled out his knife while GuardiaN kept trying to hit the French player with his sniper rifle and the struggle ended with kennyS knifing GuardiaN after avoiding all the shots GuardiaN fired.

In the 24th round, with under a minute apEX went aggressive in the apartments area of the map, which is next to the A bombsite, and killed an off-guard flamie with the help of kioShiMa.

Zeus then landed a headshot onto apEX, evening out the player count. NBK- found seized in the corner but he was dinked down to 19 health points.

NBK- then took a huge risk and started defusing the bomb with Edward still alive. He threw am ineffective flashbang while Edward through a molotov onto NBK-.

However, it was too late for the Ukrainian player and NBK- got the defuse and won the round. EnVyUs continued to ride the momentum and completed the comeback from to EnVyUs won its first pistol of the series and then went up In the 21st round, EnVyUs executed towards the A bombsite.

Happy lead all players with 25 kills while his teammates were bunched up with 19 or 20 kills. Edward had 22 kills, but his team fell behind, as seized only had 12 kills and flamie with EnVyUs moved on to the semifinals and Natus Vincere was eliminated.

Team SoloMid had a relatively easy time in the group stage, defeating the Renegades in somewhat of a close game and easily took down the Swedish powerhouse of the Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Team Kinguin lost to Luminosity Gaming in a game that Brazilians took full control in the first part of the group stage, but the European team pulled itself together and took down the Australians of Team Immunity and the Americans of Cloud9, both in close games.

TSM later went up Maikelele took down dupreeh, but the repeek onto dupreeh cost him and TSM went up after Xyp9x defused the bomb.

TSM kept rolling all the way to before Kinguin finally took a round. After the deficit, Kinguin made it a reasonable scoreline at the half with a run to make it before the teams switched sides.

However, the second half belonged to TSM. A second half easily had the Danes push past Kinguin for the first map victory. ScreaM had 16 kills for Kinguin, but fox had very limited impact with just 6 kills.

At , dupreeh found an early kill on fox about twenty seconds into the round. Xyp9x planted the bomb and then dennis took out dupreeh. ScreaM then caught out Xyp9x.

Maikelele started to defuse the bomb and then rain took out cajunb. TSM later brought it all the way back despite starting on the less favored side and took the lead at the half after a run.

ScreaM had 18 kills, but fox and dennis were both quiet at just TSM looked to reach the finals for the first time in its roster history while Kinguin was eliminated.

Two legendary teams faced off in this quarterfinals. In the second group stage, the Swedes easily took down Renegades and moved on to the playoffs.

Predictions of the winner were split right down the middle. NiP was able to jump out to a lead before VP took two rounds.

In round number seven, with less than ninety seconds to go in the round, a late reaction from friberg combined with a headshot from pashaBiceps allowed VP to take a one-round lead.

VP would later come back to make it a halftime score, but still in favor of NiP. One of the highlights of the tournament came in the second half pistol round.

VP went very aggressive as the exited the B bombsite into terrorist territory of what is called halls, which connects the terrorist spawn to the B bombsite and VP had a 4 vs.

Xizt later took out byali after the fiasco. TaZ tried to make an aggressive play and was able to take out Xizt, but was traded immediately by allu.

NiP later took a lead, but the Poles came all the way back to take a lead. In the last round of regulation, VP had a strong buy barring a lack of grenades while NiP went to two AWPs , which are sniper rifles and usually a one shot, one kill weapon, a Galil AR , which is the inferior rifle to the AK , and two Tec-9s , which was arguably the best pistol in the game but still vastly inferior to a rifle.

With less than twenty seconds left in the round, NiP decided to go to the B bombsite. NEO then took out an unsuspecting f0rest, who was watching the connector area for VP players to rotate.

Xizt found a shot onto byali with an AWP he picked up. Xizt continued to look for kills, but could not react fast enough to take down Snax.

Inferno would be a different story. After NiP took a sixth round after a VP start, VP was limited as pashaBiceps only had a MAG-7 , a shot gun that only deals damage at very close ranges and has a long recoil time, and byali on a Five-seveN , a pistol, but the other three VP members had rifles.

TaZ later took down a rushing f0rest. NiP never got into the stride it showed in the early rounds of Train and VP easily shut down the Swedes.

Snax had 25 kills and byali had 22 to lead VP. The most decorated CSGO team at the time, Fnatic, faced off against Luminosity Gaming, which was playing in just its second major and was the first South American team to play at a major.

Fnatic faced nearly zero issues playing in the group stage, as it won both of its games by fourteen rounds against Team eBettle and Natus Vincere.

In the second group stage, the Brazilians had to go into double overtime against FlipSid3 Tactics to make it to the playoffs. LG continued to perform at the major, but now it had to go against the strongest team in the world.

The first map would be a complete blowout. After Fnatic took a lead, LG finally had the weapons it needed. With about thirty seconds left in the round, pronax flashed himself into the Ivy area of Train, which leads to the A bombsite from the long area of the map, and took out boltz before coldzera traded.

JW jumped through a smoke grenade to take out fer and steel had to back off to save his rifle, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Fnatic would take a halftime lead and then finish the game to claim Train. Mirage was chosen by Fnatic, but it was a map LG gained international fame on.

Fnatic claimed a lead before LG came back with five of its own. Fnatic later went up heading into the 14th round.

Although fer single-handedly took out Fnatic, the experienced Swedes came back to take the last round of the half before the teams switched sides.

The rest of the game would be incredibly close and the teams continued to go back and forth. The game was later tied , but LG lost a crucial round in one that it force bought, depleting its money for the next round.

In round 29, with Fnatic up , olofmeister pushed up middle aggressively to catch an unsuspecting coldzera. Fnatic left the A bombsite empty, so it gave LG an opportunity to set up.

Fnatic had limited money, but it still had a decent buy for the last round; LG was also somewhat limited as coldzera was only on the Galil AR , the terrorist inferior rifle to the AK With just over thirty seconds left, LG executed to the B bombsite.

JW traded out steel and coldzera took down pronax, but boltz had the bomb and it was stuck on an elevated ground, giving trouble to LG. KRiMZ pushed on to the site and took down a wounded coldzera.

GO scene came through once again. Fnatic went on to play Virtus. Both teams looked forward to making their first major finals as the French has had a resurgence in power and the Danes were one of the favorites to cruise into the finals, but EnVyUs was still the favorite in the head to head matchup.

The first map headed to Cache. TSM took the first round after EnVyUs sloppily tried to plant the bomb quickly, but EnVyUs decided to buy up with the limited money it had and won the round as this was something the French had proven to be successful at many times.

However, karrigan decided he needed to keep the pressure up and decided his team needed to force buy in return. TSM had four players onto the B bombsite, hoping to get lucky that EnVyUs would execute towards that site and it started well as karrigan pushed kioShiMa and took him down; NBK- tried to make a play to at least even out the playing field, but dev1ce took him down.

Unfortunately for him, dupreeh was hiding right under the vents area, which connects the middle area to the B bombsite, and TSM was able to win a force of its own.

In the second half, TSM won another pistol round and then the following five rounds to tie the game at In the 21st round, NBK- sprayed through a smoke grenade his teammate put up in the middle main area and found karrigan to quickly give the French the advantage.

The rest of TSM then decided to run into the B bombsite without using any of the utility it had, which proved to be a mistake, as kennyS took down dupreeh and flashbangs from the terrorist side allowed kioShiMa to pick up a frag on Xyp9x.

In the 28th round, EnVyUs was up after a brawl in the A bombsite came down to kioShiMa winning a duel against dev1ce. With about thirty seconds left, TSM executed to the A bombsite.

Happy took down Xyp9x and NBK killed karrigan, but dupreeh charged in to trade out both players and plant the bomb. In another kioShiMa vs.

In the 13th round, TSM started towards the A bombsite with about fifty seconds left in the round. However, Xyp9x was brought down very low, allowing Happy to get the easy kill.

NBK- jumped down from the bombsite to kill cajunb, but he was two seconds to late to get to the bomb, finally giving TSM another round.

The half would end with TSM up The last map went to Inferno, a historic map that many French teams had been aggressive and very successful on, but TSM also proved that it could take down some big names on the map.

In the 7th round, EnVyUs wanted to go to the A bombsite. NBK- took down karrigan with a high explosive grenade to make it a 1 vs. This would set the tone for the rest of the half as the French went up In the second half, TSM won the pistol round and the following anti-economy round to give the team some life, but it lost a round in which EnVyUs barely invested anything into.

NBK- continued to perform with 24 kills and apEX had 22 kills. Fnatic had the opposite story, as it dominated Luminosity Gaming on the first map but barely won the second map.

GO roster at the time. Fnatic later went up , but round eleven was the start of a VP storm. KRiMZ took down Snax in the middle area and pronax was able to push through the apartments area, which leads to the B bombsite, and alert his teammates that nobody was near the B bombsite, allowing Fnatic to set up at the A bombsite to prepare for a VP attack.

JW attempted to trade pashaBiceps out, but the Pole came out on top again. VP would tear through the rest of the match by taking twelve unanswered rounds to take the first map with ease.

The second map proved to be an extremely close one. Fnatic would go up before flusha pulled off a miraculous 1 vs.

In round 14, with Fnatic up , the hero of the last map would turn up to have a career highlight of his own. Fnatic tricked VP and faked that it was going to the B bombsite, sending three players to the B bombsite with about 35 seconds left in the round while actually going to the A bombsite.

The half ended in favor of Fnatic. VP looked like it was going to have a replay of Mirage as it won the first six rounds of the second half to go up The pronax timeout worked once again, as Fnatic later tied the game at VP would go up again at and the next round would virtually decide which teams takes map 2, as VP had just won a round after consecutive losses, meaning that its economy would be in shambles if it lost, while Fnatic had three members relatively low on money.

With 35 second left in the round, olofmeister took down byali in the arches area before dying to TaZ.

However, VP changed plans and tried to run down flusha, but the Swede was able to take down one more before falling. TaZ planted the bomb, but he was unable to clutch, giving the crucial round to Fnatic.

Fnatic finalized the comeback and took game 2 at TaZ and Snax had 22 kills each, but it was not enough in the end.

VP took a solid lead on Cobblestone in an effort to eliminate Fnatic in the semifinals. In the 11th round, Snax opened up the round with a kill onto KRiMZ, but was traded out by olofmeister.

Meanwhile, VP executed towards the A bombsite, but Fnatic already rotated two players to prepare for the rush. NEO was unable to make much from the 1 vs.

Starting with that round, Fnatic came through with 13 unanswered rounds, including an sweep in the second half to push Fnatic through against Team EnVyUs.

TaZ had 19 kills, but the big performers in Snax and pashaBiceps only had 9 kills each. Both teams had to go to all three games in their respective semifinals matches to reach the finals.

Team EnVyUs defeated out a win against Team SoloMid in a close first map, but the Danish team bit back to take a convincing second map. However, the Frenchmen answered and took down the Danes on Inferno.

Fnatic struggled in its first map against Virtus. The momentum carried over into Cobblestone and the Swedes dominated the Polish legends.

Game one on Dust 2 would got down as one of the most legendary games of all time in Counter-Strike history. It started off with an exhilarating pistol round with Fnatic playing as counter-terrorist and EnVyUs as terrorist.

EnVyUs started towards the B bombsite ten seconds into the round while most of Fnatic was in the middle area. NBK- made a very risky play by going for a knife kill onto flusha, meaning that he needed to be very close to the opponent in order to get some damage, and flusha took NBK- down to seven health points.

When flusha and NBK- both ran out of bullets, flusha tried to reload his gun, giving NBK- time to get the knife kill to the delight of the crowd and the casters.

EnVyUs went up by two, but a surprise force buy in the third round, which is when counter-terrorist usually buy at most weak pistols, took EnVyUs by surprise and Fnatic took down all members to get on the board.

Fnatic won the second half pistol round and made it likely to get within two rounds of EnVyUs, but the second round with upgraded pistols against the Swedes proved to be disastrous as EnVyUs swept Fnatic off the ground.

EnVyUs rode the momentum and went up before Fnatic decided to take a timeout. There, kioShiMa went aggressive into the B tunnels to take down olofmeister, but pronax killed apEX on the other side of the map.

EnVyUs got a 15th round in round number 25 cleanly, but Fnatic tied up the score at 15 to send the game to overtime.

Fnatic took the first two rounds of overtime to go up The next round would be remembered for the start of the round. Due to winning the first two overtime rounds, Fnatic had a plethora of money, so it bought four AWPs and sent JW, the player who spawned closest to the B bombsite, to simply run over and take control of the site.

Dust II is unique in that players from terrorist spawn can see right down the middle to see if any counter-terrorist crosses to the B bombsite unless the cross is covered off.

The play would later be commemorated by Valve by putting up a graffiti of the moment. Fnatic went on to sweep the first half overtime and then complete the comeback to win EnVyUs started the next map strong by taking a lead, but Fnatic came back to tie the score.

Fnatic later went up before EnVyUs took the last round to make the score a lead for the Swedish team. Fnatic later went up , but a crucial 1 vs.

Happy and kennyS were cleaned up by olofmeister and JW. EnVyUs desperately bought up the next round, but there was no success and Fnatic had 15 rounds.

In round 23, four EnVyUs players had upgraded pistols and Happy had an ideal rifle but no armor to protect him. However, flusha was there to back up and killed kioShiMa while pronax was able to find apEX.

Happy went big for his team with 21 kills, but the rest of his team fell behind while olofmeister had 24 kills and flusha had With three titles, Fnatic Sweden lead the way in number of major titles.

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This page was last edited on 12 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cologne , North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany.

Valve Corporation Electronic Sports League. DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca FalleN , fer, steel, coldzera, boltz. Edward, Zeus, seized, flamie, GuardiaN.

Man, ich kann immer noch nicht fassen, was gerade passiert. In dieser entschied fnatic ohne eine Runde abzugeben die erste Map. Mit dabei auch eine Organisation aus der deutschen Hauptstadt: August Finale Die beiden Gruppenersten spielten im Playoffspiel gegen die Gruppenzweiten der jeweilig anderen Gruppe um die beiden Qualifikationsplätze für Köln. Schweden Ninjas in Pyjamas. Die britische Organisation konnte ihren dritten Titel bei einem Major-Turnier feiern. In den vorherigen Jahren scheiterte mousesports immer wieder in der Gruppenphase, die traditionell hinter verschlossenen Türen ausgespielt wird. Aus den übrigen drei Maps wird zufällig die Map ausgewählt, welche letztendlich gespielt wird. Das Turnier schauten teilweise mehr als Die vier Deutschen und der Engländer sahen in dem negativen Feedback aber eher eine Herausforderung und sorgten schlussendlich vor heimischem Publikum für eine Sensation.

Esl one cologne - very pity

Auch die Spieler konnten es kaum fassen, doch der Weg war noch lange nicht zu Ende. Nicht umsonst wird das Meistgelesen bei kicker eSport. Man, ich kann immer noch nicht fassen, was gerade passiert. Die beiden Gruppenersten spielten im Playoffspiel gegen die Gruppenzweiten der jeweilig anderen Gruppe um die beiden Qualifikationsplätze für Köln. Grund zum traurig sein hat die Mannschaft nicht: Köln verspielt Remis in letz Spiel um den zweiten Gruppenplatz. Eine mögliche Entscheidungsmap wird zufällig unter hard rock casino online reviews drei übrig gebliebenen Maps gewählt. August Uefa youth league Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen.

Esl One Cologne Video

The Cathedral of Counter-Strike - ESL One Cologne 2018 (Official Aftermovie) At the qualifiers, it defeated the Korean team mecz polska szwecja. The highest seed will play the lowest seed in each group and the second and third seeds will play against each other. EnVyUs went up before Flipsid3 stabilized and acquired the final two rounds of the half. Hyper lead his team with 12 kills, but nobody else on the team was in double digits; meanwhile, olofmeister had 22 kills and flusha had 18 kills to lead Fnatic. In round 23, four EnVyUs players had upgraded pistols and Esl one cologne had an ideal rifle but no armor casino bretten protect him. The two teams traded two rounds each heading into the fifth round. Immunity ended the half with meisten tore em 2019 surprising lead over the European favorites. The teams played in a robin round and the top four teams played in a double elimination bracket. Xyp9x planted the bomb and then dennis geld sofort auf konto out dupreeh. Immunity eventually reached a lead and Kinguin was on its last leg. The two in-game leaders topped the scoreboard as B1ad3 had 41 kills and FalleN took down VP mouz July 5, - However, the Danes fell short as it was taken out by NiP in the quarterfinals. So gelingt der flache Torschuss vor 1 Std. Im direkten Aufeinandertreffen der beiden Teams kam es zur ersten Verlängerung des Turniers. EnVyUs konnte sich in einem hochklassigen Spiel eine Valve CorporationPaysafecard. Auch die Spieler konnten es kaum fassen, doch der Weg war noch lange nicht zu Ende. Keiner der Experten glaubte an free online craps casino games deutschen Sieg. Global Offensive -Turnier, welches am Analyst Duncan 'Thorin' Shields twitterte vor der Partie sogar: Grund zum traurig sein hat die Mannschaft nicht: Vereinigte Staaten Counter Logic Gaming.

Licenses for other media varies. Click on the "Show" link on the right to see the full list. NiP Wolf August 14, - Epsilon HR August 14, - HR Wolf August 14, - NiP Epsilon August 15, - HR NiP August 15, - LC CW August 14, - VP dAT August 14, - Fnatic iBP August 14, - VP Fnatic August 15, - Dignitas VOX August 14, - Titan C9 August 14, - VOX Titan August 14, - Dignitas C9 August 15, - July 5, - July 6, - July 7, - Group B [ edit ] Group B 1.

Ninjas in Pyjamas -9 4. OpTic Gaming Group C [ edit ] Group C 1. Team EnVyUs Group D [ edit ] Group D 1. FaZe Clan 4. G2 Esports July 8, - July 9, - July 10, - Retrieved from " https: Pages with TeamCard using notes parameter.

This page was last edited on 5 January , at FlipSid3 Tactics 0p. Group C [ edit ] Group C August 20, - Natus Vincere 3p 3. Titan -2 0p 4. Team eBettle 0p.

Group D [ edit ] Group D August 20, - Cloud9 -2 3p 3. Team Immunity -8 0p. Group A [ edit ] Group A August 21, - Counter Logic Gaming 0 3p 3.

Team eBettle -2 0p. August 21, - Group B [ edit ] Group B August 21, - Cloud9 -3 0p 3. Team Immunity -3 0p. Group C [ edit ] Group C August 21, - Renegades -4 3p 3.

Titan -7 0p. Group D [ edit ] Group D August 21, -

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